Håvard Nærø

Aerobatic FI/A + Displayaut.

Håvard started out flying sailplanes at the age of 15 years old with his friend H. Dale. After receiving the license at the age of 17, he spent a total of 120 hours flying them in a total of 15 weeks.

In 1996 it was time for military life. He was educated as Crewchief assistant at 332 SQD, holding F-16´s. At Rygge he joined the local flying club and started off on his PPL. That was completed march 1997.

In 2001 he completed his main goal, receiving his commercial license, CPL/A, MEP, IR and FI/A

In flying, Håvard has always been facinated about aerobatics, and has always been determined to join for contest. In 2003 his first tryout happend at Rakkestad, where the Nordic Championship where held. Here he made the 7th place total, 4rth place in Sportsman and the best Norwegian in that class. He also received Jiri Korble´s Crystyal pokal for the best Rookie attended. The plane he then used, was his former Saab Safir 91-D, a semi aerobatic aeroplane.

Beside the Yak he bought with H. Dale in September 2005, he has also been flying the only Chiristen EagleII in Norway, owned by friends Håkon Fosso, Jan Fredrick Tønjum and Leif Hus.

Håvard is always developing his skill in his aeroplanes, learning more for each aerobatic flight. You will most likely find me on future Airshows domestics and contests as in Nordic and Norwegian Championships.










I have Display Autorization for aerobatics down to 300 feet, flyby at 100 feet. I always form my Display to fit the aerea it will be performed, meaning you can book me to make your event more spectacular.

I have done several private Displays with good critics cross country.

I can also give lessons and demo in aerobatics.

If you need demo and training in unusual attitude and spin recovery, do yourself a favour and practise safe in the Pitts.
















Contact: Håvard N. Iversen tlf +47 928 93 546 / Håvard Dale tlf +47 952 50 103

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